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Electronics Recycling in Minnesota

All Green Recycling is a certified company that provides easy and efficient e-waste solutions. Let us help you with our tested Electronics Recycling, IT Asset Remarketing, Data Destruction, and Equipment Destruction in Minnesota.


Electronics Recycling

Recycling old and disposable electronic products is an effective solution to address e-waste problems.

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IT Asset Disposition

Disposing of retiring electronic equipment is a way to reduce the cost to be incurred for technology replacement.

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Data Destruction

Every hard drive has sensitive data and information. To avoid the risks of data breaches, let us delete them.

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Equipment Destruction

To protect your business brand, All Green Recycling offers Equipment Destruction service in Minnesota.

Electronics Recycling Minnesota Services For Businesses By All Green

Electronic Recycling And E-WasteE-waste is a growing concern. All Green Recycling offers Electronics Recycling Minnesota Services to cater to the needs of the people in this location.

You can call us at (800) 780-0347 for any business-related inquiries. Try to reach out our Corporate and Government Account Division for more details.

Minnesota Electronics Recycling Locations

Minnesota Electronic Waste RecyclingAll Green is planning to widen its e-waste services for the residents and business individuals in this area. As such, we’re now in a planning stage to implement soon an individual residential drop-off program. This is a nice program which everyone can enjoy.

As of now, we offer a free e-waste pickup service in the entire state of Minnesota. How to avail of this? It’s pretty simple. Just follow the link given below.


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E-Waste Collectors • Waste Haulers

E-Waste Collectors • Waste Haulers7 days a week, we are always ready pick up your disposable electronic products and to transport them going to our main facilities for recycling and processing. We have more pickup trucks than the other e-waste recyclers available in this state. We can process and treat all kinds of retiring IT equipment.  


Electronics Manufacturers • Resellers

Electronics ManufacturersIt has been a problem among IT manufacturers and sellers on how to deal with the continuing increase in the number of returned, defective, and obsolete tech products. As such, there’s a need to come up with an effective solution which All Green had already done. We can work with any business organization on the aspect of controlling the inventory levels. If reselling is deemed to be done, we can also facilitate with the redistribution of the refurbished products on the market.

Off-Lease Equipment Take-back

Equipment Take-BackIf you are into business and your clients have off-lease IT products, we can help you and your clients on the aspect of recycling, reusing, and remarketing the disposable electronics. Our IT Asset Remarketing Program will be able to provide you an opportunity of earning a maximum of 70% from the total resale net revenue. We will go to your client’s facility anywhere in the country and will help in removing and breaking down the disposable materials.

Our Goals

Our Goals ImageIf you have unusable or old computers, monitors, cell phones, and other electronics, we can work with you to recycle, treat and process them. Our guarantee is to provide 100% satisfaction. Our services can promote the campaign of having zero e-waste landfills. We will collect and process all products within United States and in some locations of our partners in North America.


The E-Waste Disposal Process

E-Waste Disposal ProcessAll Green is a certified electronic waste recycling solution provider. For many years, we already served hundreds of satisfied clients. Our process takes three stages. The first stage is done in our world-class facilities located in Southern California. The next stage is going to be done in our partner’s facility in Northern California. Our final phase is going to be conducted in our partner in North America. All the activities like the on-site and off-site hard drive shredding as well as equipment destruction are to be executed securely with security.

Minnesota Electronic Waste Solutions

Are you looking for the best Electronics Recycling Minnesota Services? The list below will answer this question.

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