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Electronics Recycling in Los Banos

All Green offers the Los Banos community secure and responsible solutions to manage electronic waste.


Electronics Recycling

Choose to recycle your end-of-life IT equipment responsibly. Choose All Green Recycling for 100% eco-friendly electronics recycling solutions.

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IT Asset Disposition

Dispose of your obsolete IT Assets in the most sustainable way. We have the right strategy for every situation. Ask our global ITAD experts now.  

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Data Destruction

Recycle your assets without fear of recycling your data. Trust us to apply stringent data sanitation techniques on your electronic devices.

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Equipment Destruction

Don’t leave anything to chance. We can perform certified equipment crushing and shred right in your premises for your added security and peace of mind.

Electronics Recycling Los Banos Services In California

Electronics Recycling Los Banos CAWe all have “that” drawer in our homes, the one filled with random junk accumulated through the years it could almost serve as an anthropological exhibit chronicling the evolution of your cell phone, charger, music player, even batteries. While the junk drawer could be a sentimental time capsule for your #TBT posts, it may be time to revisit its contents and decide on the best way of disposing of the obsolete and unwanted items. We are proud to offer proper and responsible Electronics Recycling Los Banos Services.

But whatever you do, don’t throw the electronic waste in the trash bin, lest they end up in landfills and become another type of #TBT – Toxic Bomb Ticking. If disposed of improperly in landfills, toxic components from said e-junk could contaminate our soil and water supply and cause severe health problems. The obvious solution is to recycle. But it is also important to choose the recycling facility that would do so properly and responsibly. All Green Recycling is an R2/RIOS certified recycling facility that guarantees 100% eco-friendly processing for all the waste that we receive.

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Los Banos, California

Los Banos is a family-oriented community located in central California. The name Los Banos evolved from “Los Baños,” the Spanish term for “the baths,” after a nearby creek which flows down into the natural wetlands in the western San Joaquin Valley. Padre Felipe Arroyo de la Cuesta, a Franciscan monk, discovered these pools of water during one of his missionary trips. Reports of the baths spread to the local ranchers who named the creek “El Arroyo de Los Banos del Padre Arroyo,” which was eventually shortened to “Los Banos Crick.” In the 1800’s, “Cattle King” Henry Miller acquired land all over the Valley and established his headquarters in Los Banos because of its location at the “crossroads of California.”

To this day, the moniker holds true as Los Banos sits conveniently at the intersection of Highway 152 and Highway 165 and has access to Interstate 5. Agriculture remains to be the number one industry in the region, but since the 1980’s the population dynamics have changed with the influx of people who have taken up residence in the city due to affordable housing and proximity to their work in the nearby San Jose/Silicon Valley area. As Los Banos stands at the crossroads of progress and development, All Green is proud to offer the best solutions for its families and businesses to manage e-waste responsibly.

Los Banos Data Destruction Keeps Your Private Data Private

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

You may have migrated your data to your new device and deleted the files in your old one, even hit Factory Reset or reformatted your hard drive for good measure. But that does not always guarantee that all data have been removed and would not be recoverable by anybody else. All Green employs hi-tech and secure data destruction techniques to ensure that when you recycle your electronics with our Electronics Recycling Los Banos Services, nobody can exploit the residual data for malicious purposes. May it be your memories or corporate propriety information, you can be assured that with these services, your data will be sanitized permanently:

  • Data Wiping – We use specialized software to overwrite existing data, whether in our secure off-site facility or on-site right on your premises. For more confidential data, we can provide proprietary self-service data wiping software so you can wipe the data on your own, without unnecessary exposure to our staff. In cases involving classified information, we provide DOD certified data wiping
  • Degaussing – We expose hard drives or tapes to the degausser’s powerful magnetic field, permanently erasing all the magnetic stored on the media.
  • Destruction – We combine data destruction with the physical crushing and shredding of the hard drives and storage devices to guarantee complete destruction.

Environmentally Responsible

After your data has been sanitized and equipment destroyed, our facility completes the process by recycling the materials in an eco-friendly manner. We are committed to complying with the applicable laws and regulations related to the environmental, health, and safety aspects of our business. We have also partnered with other responsible recyclers for the further processing and recovery of valuable components. With our values of People, Planet, and Passion, you can be assured that none of the materials will end up in landfills or dumped in other countries.

For secure and responsible recycling of electronics, from your junk drawer to your office warehouse, choose our Electronics Recycling Los Banos Services. Contact All Green Recycling today for more details.