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Electronics Equipment Recycling

Electronics equipment recycling is more important now more than ever. As technology continues to evolve, more and more consumers are left wondering how to dispose of their e-waste. All Green Recycling can help you meet your e-waste recycling needs.

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A secure way to protect your business by having a certified recycling company come to your company and shred your old hard drives right within your own company.

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Hard Drive

A secure way to protect against data breaches by physically crushing an old hard drive to the point of the hard drive becoming inaccessible.

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DOD Certified

Protect your confidential data on working devices by wiping all data with a method that is used by the Department of Defense and the United States Military.

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When you degauss tapes, you're choosing a secure form of data destruction that will work on any hard drive, operational or not, and render the hard drive useless.

All Green Recycling is your go-to solution for electronics equipment recycling. As technology continues to evolve, many consumers are left wondering what to do with their leftover e-waste. Recycling is an excellent option as it benefits both the environment and the community at large. Also, less natural resources are used in the manufacture of electronics when old e-waste is recycled. Even if a device is no longer usable, the material can be used to manufacture new electronics.

If your old electronics have sensitive information on them, secure equipment destruction can destroy information prior to recycling.

While many households and personal PC users choose electronics donation – giving low-income families, schools, and libraries access to electronics equipment that would otherwise add to the increasing landfill problem, donation is not a viable option for businesses and organizations who have data security issues to be mindful of.

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Product Recall Management

Electronics equipment recycling can be effectively used in conjunction with product recall management, facilitating the complete recall, destruction, and disposition of recalled products and equipment.

Understanding Electronics Equipment Recycling

There are different ways to handle e-waste disposal, and this can be a difficult task. Fortunately, All Green Recycling knows exactly how to go about electronics equipment recycling. Your organization likely has policies in place to handle e-waste, along with local, state, and federal regulations determining how electronics are recycled. All Green Recycling is dedicated to ensuring all these regulations are met. We will ensure electronics equipment recycling is done safely and responsibly. We have all the industry knowledge on where to recycle electronics and how to handle your unwanted equipment with data security in mind, you can be sure the best possible recycling solution for your business will be implemented.

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How Do You Dispose of Old Electronics?

The answer to this question largely depends on whether the electronics have ever held confidential or sensitive data. If not – for example, if the equipment is a desktop PC used solely for gaming or word processing and it is still in usable condition, your best bet would be to donate the device to someone. This allows you to help preserve resources and help your local community. If you are unsure who to donate your old device to, you could try;

  • Local assisted living facilities
  • Local homeless shelters
  • Local employment centers/adult education
  • Schools and libraries in your area
  • Charities for low-income families

The above groups may have a hard time affording electronics on their own, so you would be greatly helping them out by making a donation.

If, on the other hand, the equipment was used for business purposes or sensitive home use, including internet banking, or if your old electronic device is no longer in usable condition, the best option would be electronics equipment recycling. Recycling ensures useful materials can be reused while hazardous materials are kept out of the environment. All Green Recycling is there to help you through the recycling process and take care of the entire process for you.

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Can You Recycle a Computer?

Not only can you recycle computers, recycling computers is incredibly beneficial for the environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), every million laptops that are recycled can conserve the energy to power 3,500 United States homes for a whole year. To safely recycle your computer, there are a few steps you should take prior to recycling.

  • Remove all data from a computer to ensure your data remains secure. If the computer has ever been used to hold sensitive or confidential data, remove the hard drive and arrange for it to be shredded separately.
  • Back up all important information onto an external hard drive prior to recycling.
  • Unplug any computer extras, such as keyboards and speakers. This will make the recycling process easier.

To find out how All Green Recycling can assist you with electronics equipment recycling, contact us today.


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