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If you have any IT items that need disposal, instead of throwing them out instantly in your trash cans and add them up to the landfills, adapt to a new environmentally friendly lifestyle of Electronic Recycling with All Green.


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For quite a long time, we have been consistent with giving our customers utmost importance when it comes to the service that they deserve.

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When it comes to IT services, ours work with the highest quality and standards. We assure you of receiving the best of service that we can offer.

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Data Destruction

Data and files are just components of your devices, but they are very delicate which need to be taken care and protected from the potential hackers.

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What All Green does is to assure you that you are protected and safe from data breach cases. The convenience and effort that we give out are for you.

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Yonkers Electronic Waste Recycling

Just like everything else in the planet, technology has its two sides: the good and the bad. We all know the good part. But we do not realize the long-term effects that it can cause us if not used correctly. One of the contributors to these effects is improper disposal of electronic devices such as your old cellphones, computers, and music players. Whatever you do, no matter how tempting, do not throw your devices in the trash bins. Electronic items are highly toxic to the environment. Avail now our Electronics Recycling Yonkers Services that guarantees your electronic devices will not reach any landfill, including those located overseas.

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Where is Yonkers?



Yonkers is one of the luckiest place in the country for having All Green to recycle your e-waste. It is in Westchester County in New York with over 196, 000 residents. With the statistics, Yonkers have the fourth most populous city in the state. The heart of its attractions includes Hudson River Museum, Beczak Environmental Education Center, and Yonkers Raceway.

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IT Asset Disposition

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People often think that recycling is a waste of time. That somehow makes sense because it takes a lot of processes. What people do not realize, however, is that recycling can actually save you so much time, money, and waste.

Recycling Electronics in Yonkers is made easier by All Green. What else can make you disagree with this new lifestyle?



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We’re operating nationwide. You do not have to go across the country to have your electronic wastes disposed properly because wherever you are, an electronic recycling center is near you. You can choose whether to drop it off personally or we can have someone pick it up in your doorstep. Whichever it may be, contact us if you need more information about our services.

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