What Is IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)?

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is a developing business need and a business service that all companies – no matter how large or small – may need to make use of at some point. You may have heard the term ITAD before, but what is IT asset disposition? ITAD refers to the disposal of IT assets that have become obsolete or irrelevant in a way that makes safety a priority. This means that IT Asset Disposition professionals ensure the disposal of outdated technologies is safe for the environment, financially beneficial to the business, and that disposal will not compromise confidential business information.

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What Is It Asset Disposition, and Why Do Businesses Require ITAD Services?

Now that we’ve answered the question of what is IT asset disposition, the next step is to understand exactly how it applies to your business. Almost every business, small or large, will need to dispose of obsolete systems at some point – but ask the average manager, and they will not be able to tell you what is IT asset disposition.

The technology in question can be anything from old laptops and hard drives, to larger server systems that have been updated. Technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, and with this comes a larger turnover of hardware. Though many cities have systems for recycling electronics, businesses must be cautious when disposing of their old hardware to be sure they are being considerate of the environment, and must also ensure there is no chance that anyone could extract private data from old electronics – and this is where ITAD services have become essential.

When some businesses first learn what is IT asset disposition, they may be reluctant to employ services, thinking they can handle any disposal themselves. But, when all potential benefits are considered, it is clear that businesses of all sizes should research ITAD services when they have hardware to dispose of.

How Do ITAD Services Protect Privacy?

When disposing of old technology, it is vital that there is no chance that private information about the business or its customers, clients, or intellectual property can be extracted in any way from existing hard drives. Secure IT asset disposition services involve a complete and irreversible wipe of all confidential data, preparing devices for donation to charity, or for environmentally conscious disposal.
When it comes to security, privacy, and protection, what is IT asset disposition? From this viewpoint, ITAD is an absolutely essential service that protects important information assets.

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How Does IT Asset Disposition Help the Environment?

Businesses are busy and change at a more rapid pace than ever before. With this rapid development comes a lot of technological waste, much of which is made up of plastics and electronic parts that may be difficult to recycle. ITAD professionals are connected intimately with recycling companies, and with charities that can make use of donations of hardware. By stepping in to perform this service, ITAD professionals ensure a huge amount of waste is diverted from landfill while providing security and financial incentives to the businesses that use them.

What Are the Financial Benefits of ITAD Services?

IT asset disposition also helps many businesses to access financial benefits when they need to dispose of hardware. After completing a safe delete of all sensitive data, many devices can be donated to other businesses, or to charities. In exchange, the business receives a charitable tax donation and financial incentive.

In some cases, electronics and old technologies cannot be donated, and instead must be recycled. In these instances, ITAD professionals will help businesses receive any eligible rebates for environmentally sound practices, and avoid fines for improper disposal.

Now that you’ve explored the basic questions surrounding what is IT asset disposition, how does it help the environment, and what financial benefits can you gain from using these services – you will be well-equipped to decide how and when to make use of ITAD services for your businesses. If you, like the majority of organizations, require secure IT asset disposition, contact All Green Recycling today to find out how we can help.


IT asset disposition (ITAD)

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