Recycling Tip: Can You Recycle Sticky Notes?

Does anyone else have a Post-It Note obsession? I do, but I come by it honestly—one year my mom told me that she wanted Post-It Notes in interesting shapes and colors for Mother’s Day. I had a lot of fun picking out that gift.

It may be genetic, but I have the habit of writing notes to myself and sticking them up all over the place. Do I want to remember the bus schedule? Write it on a Post-It Note and stick it up by my desk. To-do list? Same concept.

So what do you do with the notes when you’re done with them? Can you recycle them, even with the adhesive?

Some recycling plants refuse to take paper with adhesive because it can damage the equipment. If this is the case in your city, you can always cut off the adhesive portion of the note and recycle the rest.

However, many cities do take sticky notes. According to the EPA, recycling programs that accept mixed paper will often accept sticky notes, but it’s best to check your service to make sure. 3M sticky notes have been put through rigorous recycling trials that have determined that the product is easily recycled—the paper deinking process also removes the self-adhesive.

How often do you use Post-It Notes? Do you recycle them?

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