Orange County Classrooms Made Out of Recycled Shipping Containers

Waldorf School Of Oc - All Green Electronics Recycling
Credit: LA Times Blog

The Waldorf School of Orange County recently expanded with a new building created out of recycled shipping containers.

The design is called “Eco Classroom Architecture” and won the Costa Mesa Planning Commission’s 2011 Costa Mesa Green Design Award.

This is an interesting idea—both from a design standpoint and a recycling one. I was intrigued by the concept: If one can make a classroom out of shipping containers, why not a small home? It turns out that there are already some of these out there, though most aren’t as streamlined as the classroom.

What kind of building would you create out of a shipping container?

I think I’d create shelters for the homeless. Ones that are solar powered and have gardens. I’m not sure how it would work out, but it sounds nice in theory.

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