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Electronics Recycling in Hemet

We have premium IT Asset Disposition, IT Asset Remarketing, Data Security, and Equipment Destruction in Hemet, California. Let All Green Recycling help you recycle old electronics today.


Electronics Recycling

We don’t promise anything but a superb way to serve you with our tested Electronics Recycling solutions.

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IT Asset Disposition

Let us dispose of your old electronic products in Hemet. Our ITAD solutions are reliable for many years.  

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Data Destruction

We can destroy the sensitive data and information found on hard drives and SSDs to protect your brand.

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Equipment Destruction

Secure Equipment Destruction is our guarantee. We can help you avoid the risky impacts of data breaches.

Electronics Recycling Hemet Services In California

Electronics Recycling Hemet CA

A Harvard University’s post emphasizes that reusing the plastics and metals present in old cell phones alone can save much energy that about 24,000 US homes can use in a whole year. Instead of mining more natural resources from the ground, why not recycle, reuse, and remarket EOL IT equipment? The same post further stressed out that a typical American household has 24 e-devices. The Environmental Protection Agency said that in 2009, about 2.37 million tons of electronics were ready for disposal. The figures related to e-waste problems are continually increasing year after year. To address this particular issue, you can try All Green Recycling’s Electronics Recycling Hemet Services in California. It is a well-designed solution that is geared to protect air, soil, and bodies of water.

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Hemet, California

Hemet is a city that is located in the San Jacinto Valley, Riverside County. Its total area measures 27.8 square miles or 72 square kilometers. In 2010, the population recorded here was 78,657. It is important to know that the founding anniversary of the City of Hemet predates the establishment of Riverside County. The leading booster of the city’s economy is agriculture.

World-Class Hemet IT Asset Disposition

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

We offer certified electronics recycling. It is our solution for the growing problems and issues on e-waste. There are unexpected problems when people continuously store and accumulate old computers, servers, laptops, cellular phones, and other devices.

The unprecedented demand for electronic equipment has been uncontrollable over the years. The shortened lifespan of electronics has also caused the rapid growth of electronic trash in the landfills and incinerators in the third-world countries. We must work together to stop the careless dumping of electronic waste in those areas. Locate our drop-off location today if you can’t schedule a pickup service.

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There are many companies in the e-waste industry today. Even the large tech companies offer takeback solutions to the issues associated with consumer electronics. But All Green has the experience and expertise. For more information about us, please feel free to contact us today.