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Electronics Recycling in Crescent City

All Green offers professional E-Waste Management Solutions to make electronics recycling more efficient and convenient to citizens and businesses of Crescent City


Electronics Recycling

We are a Certified R2 responsible recycler. Trust us to process your end-of-life assets without harming the environment or the community.

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IT Asset Disposition

We have the global ITAD expertise and experience to make your decommissioning process as painless as possible. Contact our experts now.  

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Data Destruction

Residual data may still lurk within the deep recesses of your discarded hard drives. Our stringent process will make sure your private data remains private.

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Equipment Destruction

We will securely destroy off-spec products or equipment so these would no longer pose a threat to your brand. We issue a Certificate of Destruction.

Electronics Recycling Crescent City Services In California

Electronics Recycling Crescent City Ca

Hammers. Screwdrivers. Magnets. Acid. Water. Can these things destroy your discarded hard drive and erase all your data? You may be able to do some damage (hopefully not to your person), but how sure are you that it will be permanent and effective? Eliminate doubt (not a limb or an eye) and leave the destruction to the professionals! All Green provides safe and secure Electronics Recycling Crescent City Services to help with these matters and more. We offer certified Data Destruction services to make sure that residual data will no longer be recoverable, and your actual hard drive will be shredded to fragments and be virtually unusable.

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Crescent City Hard Drive Shredding Services

Crescent City is the county seat of Del Norte County and is located on Highway 101 on the Pacific coast of northern California. Named after the crescent-shaped stretch of beach on the southern part of the city, its harbor serves as a home port for numerous fishing vessels. It is the site of the historic Battery Point Lighthouse, which was constructed in 1856 and listed as one of the first lighthouses on the California coast. With its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the Smith River National Recreation Area, and Redwood National and State Parks, the city offers numerous opportunities for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, and beachcombing. Population in 2011 stood at 7,512. All Green is proud to offer Crescent City safe and convenient options to destroy data and hard drives for good.

Professional E-Waste Management Solutions

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

We are experts in the field of e-waste management, with years of experience in providing services ranging from computer recycling to equipment destruction. We offer valuable insights on how to dispose of your end-of-life assets and storage drives to ensure compliance with applicable industry data destruction standards and minimize the risk to your business. Using the latest in data wiping and media degaussing technology, we can securely sanitize the data left over in your assets.

As an added step, we can crush and shred hard drives and other storage devices and reduce these to 2mm-sized pieces so they can’t be reassembled. We can conduct these services within our facilities, or we can bring these services to your premises for added security and convenience.

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Put down that hammer and contact us for safer and simpler shredding solutions. Learn how our Certified Electronics Recycling Crescent City Services can make recycling more convenient for you.