Disneyland Paris Will Turn Heat from Computers into Energy

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

If you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with computers and know that when used for long periods of time, the machine gets overheated and needs to be cooled down by a fan. The computers in a large-scale data center operate in a similar fashion, but use air conditioning instead of a fan. What if you could capture all of the heat generated in a large-scale data center and put it to good use? That’s what Euro Disney and French energy company Dalkia are going to do.

These companies have partnered to provide an innovative source of heat to a nearby business park. They have worked out a plan to collect the heat produced by Euro Disney’s 8,000 square meter data centers and use it to provide heat and hot water at nearby Val d’Europe business park, which is home to 170 companies.

The combination of reduced emissions from the data center and the saved energy by businesses is expected to save an estimated 5,400 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year.

By taking the heat produced and not going it to waste, Euro Disney and Dalkia are doing a wonderful thing for the environment. Maybe this will inspire other companies with large data centers to do something similar.

Do you think that capturing the heat produced by computers and putting it to use is a good strategy?

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