California Puts Hold on Styrofoam Takeout Ban


In June, we asked: “Will California ban Styrofoam to-go containers?”

Well it still hasn’t been decided. The law bill has been placed on hold and won’t be voted on this year.

State Senator Alan Lowenthal placed the proposed law, SB 568, on inactive, believing that it didn’t have enough votes to pass. To become a law, this bill will have to be voted upon next year. If it passes then, it will likely take effect in 2016 for businesses and 2017 for schools. This time frame has changed since our June post.

I still hope to see this law pass and hope to see some more eco-friendly alternatives offered. One idea I think has merit is Portland’s GO Box.

What do you think? Are you still hoping to see this bill pass?

You can read more here.

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