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Electronics Recycling in Auburn

Anywhere in Auburn, All Green can serve you 7 days a week. Let us help you recycle your old electronics through our IT Asset Disposition, Hard Drive Shredding, and Equipment Destruction.


Electronics Recycling

The presence of old computers and other electronic-operated devices in the landfills can cause many environmental issues. Choose us today to solve this problem.

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IT Asset Disposition

We will do our very best to not let you down when it comes to professional and responsible e-waste recycling. All Green is a certified company that offers secure IT Asset Disposition.

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Data Destruction

Destroying the sensitive files and information is easy with a tested and leading company in the e-waste industry. We're a reliable provider of working solutions.

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Equipment Destruction

Destroying all the recalled, defective, and outdated IT equipment is our forte. We can serve you with all our best and commitment to protect your business name and brand.

Electronics Recycling Auburn Services, CA

Auburn ImageDisposing of your old electronics should be done as it has many benefits. Protecting the environment which can help us is one good thing. Another factor is you can earn a big share, through All Green’s Electronics Recycling Auburn Services, from the resale profit of your recycled, refurbished items. These are just two of the most common reasons why you have to avail of our services. 
Auburn is a city located in Cayuga County. It has a population of over 28,000. All Green Electronics Recycling is proud to help keep Auburn clean and e-waste free. All you have to do right now is to click on the link given below to schedule an e-waste pickup by All Green.

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IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronics ImageWe accept, collect, treat, and process all types of electronic disposables. Name it! If you have an old desktop or laptop, a cellular phone, an iPad or iPod, stereo or cassette, TV set, among other electronics, our recycling team will be dispatched to pick up any of them right from your own location.

Through scheduling an e-waste pickup, we can solve your electronic junk problems. Throwing your e-garbage in the trash can is not good. So kindly embrace our proven and tested system to make sure that all electronic equipment that is highly toxic to the environment will be disposed of properly.

Auburn Locations

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The locations seen on the map are where our electronics recycling services are ready to serve. If you need us to destroy your hard drives so that the sensitive data and information will not be hacked, we’re ready for it through our data security process and equipment destruction services.

We also offer an IT asset remarketing program that allows you to gain much as 70% as your profit share. We are dedicated always to make you happy and satisfied.

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