10 Facts About Recycling

Did you know…

  1. Used aluminum cans can be recycled and back on a grocery store shelf as a new can in 60 days? Now that’s fast turnover.
  2. To produce each week’s Sunday newspapers over 500,000 trees must be cut down.
  3. If all of our newspapers were recycled, we could save 250,000,000 trees a year.
  4. Americans throw away 25,000,000,000 Styrofoam coffee cups each year.
  5. About a third of the average dump is made up of packaging material.
  6. Out of every $10 spent buying things, $1 is spent on packaging that is thrown away.
  7. A single quart of motor oil can contaminate up to 2,000,000 gallons of fresh water if it is disposed of improperly.
  8. The United States produces more trash than any other country, at 1,609 pounds per person per year. This means that 5% of the world’s population generates 40% of the waste.
  9. Iron and steel are the world’s most recycled materials. In fact, steel does not lose any of its inherent properties when recycled.
  10. In 2008, there was 4.6 billion pounds of e-waste in the United States. However, less than 900 million pounds (19%) of that waste was recycled.

For more facts about recycling, check out this page, or the All Green website.

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