Why is Recycling Important, How Does It Help Me ?

Practically every thing we use gives us the opportunity to recycle. Materials that we can recycle include clothing, biodegradable waste, batteries, electronics, garments, glass, paper, plastics and metals to name a few.

Recycling is a procedure and it is comprised of three parts. The first part is collecting the surplus materials we do not need anymore and then sorting them. At this time, recyclables are collected and cleaned then sorted according to the type of material used and how the material will be used. The second part of recycling is manufacturing stage, where collected and sorted materials are made into new products that can be reused. Next, there is resale, and after the product purchased is finished, the cycle of recycling will resume.

Why is recycling important?

Recycling helps human beings, and the earth. There are a number of reasons why it is important. Read on to find out some more: Recycling our surplus materials that we no longer use is beneficial to the environment. Take this simple example: by reusing paper, we can make fresh paper to use in schools and the office. By recycling the paper, not only do we conserve energy that it takes to harvest the raw material from trees, we preserve the raw material itself, trees. Trees are good for the atmosphere, naturally clearing the air of harmful greenhouse emissions, so keeping them in tact benefits the environment even more.

Why is recycling important to the environment?

Processing recycled materials will reduce energy expenditures required to process raw materials. It takes a significantly less amount of energy to recycle paper than to produce new paper from trees. Energy utilized to transport raw materials from the source to the processing plant is also saved when we recycle – the process of saving energy decreases pollution, which again creates a cycle of benefits that we can enjoy as human beings – economic benefits, health benefits and the simple pleasure of enjoying the nature around us. When we save this energy by cutting down on industrial production with recycling, greenhouse gas emissions from these plants and factories is also reduced. Recycling is important because disposing of non-biodegradable waste responsibly will reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases that are harming our ozone layer.

Why is Recycling Important to Me Directly?

Recycling is important because it helps you to save money, benefiting human beings directly in their day to day lives.We can sell recyclable materials to organizations that purchases surplus materials for reuse. At home we can cut costs on landscaping by recycling biodegradable materials like fruit peelings, vegetable peelings and eggshells, and use them to fertilize plants. Finding ways to save yourself money, even if it can save you a trip to the store can pay off and you will benefit from knowing you helped to preserve the environment.

So, why is recycling important? Recycling is important because it benefits us directly as human beings and also will deliver long term benefits for our children to enjoy.

Why is recycling important and how will it help you directly? We set out to answer these questions in this easy beginner’s guide to recycling and its benefits.


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