What Is Your Water Footprint?

Have you ever considered how much water you use each day? This infographic walks you through a typical day and shows what changes you can make to use less water.

Infographic Water Footprint - All Green Electronics Recycling
Credit: Good.is

I don’t expect anyone to make all of these changes at once—if I did, I’d be a complete hypocrite. I rent an apartment, so I can’t exactly buy a dishwasher. And I really don’t want to give up my morning coffee. (Not eating meat balances it out a little, right?)

Just do the best you can and be conscious of the water you use:

  • If you pick water instead of soda once a week you will save 1,709 gallons of water a year.
  • If you alternate between apples and oranges, you can save 912.5 gallons of water a year (compared with eating only apples).

What do you think? Are there any changes you can make to save water?

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