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When It’s Time to Dispose of Old Computers, There’s A Right Way and A Wrong Way

Computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, e-readers: Americans can’t get enough of technology. Technology is developing at an almost unbelievable rate, and we are eager to jump on each new device..


Electronic Waste Recycling Shows Promise for Skills Training

Addressing Our Growing E-Waste Problem We all know by now that reducing waste, reusing everyday items for other purposes, and recycling components of our waste is better for our struggling..

How E-Waste Is Harmful To Your Health Image - AGR

How E-Waste Is Harmful to Your Health

E-waste is a term used for electronic products and computers that are thrown out, including laptops, tablets, printers, phones, game consoles, televisions, and DVD players, to name a few. Over..


Illinois Increases Manufacturers’ Mandated E-Waste Recycling Targets

In an effort to curb the growing electronic waste problem, Illinois recently passed legislation requiring an increase in the volume of electronic waste that manufacturers are mandated to recycle. As..

Is Recycling Cost Effective Image - AGR

Is Recycling Cost Effective?

In elementary school, you may have heard the phrase “Reduce, reuse, recycle.” With current rates of sustainability, this phrase may..

Should Recycling Be Mandatory Image - AGR

Should Recycling Be Mandatory ?

According to Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), nearly 30 million to 40 million metric tons of Electronic waste, also known as..


The Recycling Imperative – Why Recycling is Important

There’s much talk about recycling these days – what to recycle, how to recycle, and the many benefits. You may have asked yourself why recycling is important – it doesn’t..

Where Does E-Waste Go - AGR

Where Does E-Waste Go?

Electronic waste is the waste generated from discarded electronic devices. Electrical devices that are no longer in use or those meant to be recycled or reused can also be considered..

Who Invented Recycling, And Why Is It So Important Image - AGR

Who Invented Recycling, and Why is it so Important ?

Recycling may seem like a relatively new concept, but researching who invented recycling shows that for centuries in the past, recycling was a way of life. People of the distant..

How Does Recycling Electronics Help the Environment Image - AGR

How Does Recycling Electronics Help the Environment?

What is E-Waste? Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, comprised 1.87 million short tons of consumer matter in 2013. This amount accounts for 40% of total recycled consumer electronics. A..

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What Is E-Waste and Why Is It a Problem

Today more than ever, people are becoming more concerned with recycling. We have trash bins to separate plastic from paper, and even glass bottles by their color. This is a..


E-waste Problems

What is e-waste, and what are the e-waste problems? Electronic waste (e-waste) is defined in general as any used electronic devices or components that need to be disposed of properly...

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