UK Waste Illegally Dumped in Ghana

When electronic waste (e-waste) is recycled irresponsibly, the consequences are devastating. Guiyu, China is just one example of this. Another example is Ghana. One of the UK’s leading waste and recycling companies has been linked to the disposal of e-waste in Ghana. According to the Ecologist:

Merseyside-based Environment Waste Controls (EWC), whose clients are reported to include ASDA, Tesco, Barclays, the NHS and Network Rail, has admitted that electronic equipment from its amenity sites in South London ended up in West Africa after being exported by a third party company and says it has taken steps to prevent this happening in the future.

The Environment Agency has a National Intelligence Team, and an Environmental Crime Unit working to tackle the issue and prosecute the individuals involved in e-waste trafficking. We hope to see the issue is resolved soon. 

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