New Nokia Smartphone Most Sustainable to Date

Nokia 700 E1329851781819 - All Green Electronics Recycling
Nokia 700

Nokia is already one of the best brands for eco-friendly cell phones, but they’re stepping up their game with their latest line of phones.

The Nokia 700 is being called “Nokia’s greenest smart phone to date and the industry leader in using bio and recycled materials.” Impressive, right?

Here is part of the Nokia 700’s eco profile:

  • Energy Efficiency: Power save mode, light sensor, unplug charger reminder
  • Materials: Free of PVC, brominated and chlorinated compounds, and nickel. Contains recycled metals, bio-based plaints and materials.
  • Packaging: Uses sustainable materials, reduces packaging size, reduces volume of material used, considers what happens to packaging when it’s no longer needed. Packaging is 60% renewable and recycled material and is 100% recyclable.
  • User manual: Contains in-device e-guide, online help, and a quick guide printed in black and white

According to Nokia, the environmental impact of this device, assuming 3 years daily usage, is estimated to be the same as driving 33.55 miles in an average family car. Pretty impressive!

Would you consider the Nokia 700 when it’s time to replace your phone?

You can read more here.

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