MEPs back stringent e-waste proposals

In a meeting of the European Parliament, MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) discussed proposals to tighten e-waste laws.

According to the proposal, member states may be compelled to collect at least 4 kg (8.8 lbs) of e-waste per inhabitant by 2012. If this number proves to be lower than the amount of e-waste collected in 2010, however, members would be required to collect the higher rate. By 2016, member states will collect 85 percent of electronic waste. Under the new law, electronics manufacturers would help fund the recycling programs.

A draft text also included new rules regarding the illegal export of e-waste to developing countries in an effort to crack down on companies who label electronics as “reusable” so they can be sent overseas for processing.

Parliament voted 580 to 37 to adopt these changes, sending a strong message that it wishes to see these rules adopted.

“We can no longer afford to waste our waste,” German MEP Karl-Heinz Florenz said. “Public authorities, manufacturers and consumers all need to play their part to ensure we collect and recycle more of our electrical and electronic goods.”

We hope to see these changes adopted and applaud MEPs for making an effort to stay All Green!

You can read more about this topic here.

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