EPEAT turns new tool on TVs

A consortium of television manufacturers, retailers, environmental groups and government agencies are working together to create a standard measuring the environmental impact of televisions.

The standard, which is tentatively called EPEAT-for-TV, is being led by the Green Electronics Council, through the IEEE Standards Association, and would reportedly be similar to the EPEAT metric currently in use for personal computers.

The new standard defines “environmental performance for televisions, television combination units, and component television units, relating to reduction or elimination of environmentally-sensitive materials, materials selection, design for end-of-life, lifecycle extension, energy conservation, end-of-life management, corporate performance, packaging, and other performance categories,” all to be determined by the group working on the tool.

The rating system — purported to be have been met with considerable resistance from manufacturers — is expected to appear on televisions, in retail stores, in 18-to-24 months.

– E-Scrap News

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