Press Delete, or Destroy? New Data Suggests The Latter

In the world of digital information, there is new evidence that suggests that the simple press of the DELETE button erases far less than is commonly thought.

For example, 35% of surveyed second-hand computers typically contain leftover emails, call logs, texts, and photos. And that’s on a staggering 75% of the hard drives and 57% of mobile devices that had already had an attempt made to wipe that data.

While this data breach may seem trivial to the general population who may feel they have little to lose, for big business, it can spell big problems.

According to 2014 research, the average cost of a corporate data breach event is close to $6 million ($5.9 million), or $201 per recorded incident. Then add to the cost the potential breach in privacy laws such as HIPAA, and you’re facing more than just monetary loss.

So how can businesses avoid common data breach traps? With certified data destruction services.

What was once reserved for elite government organizations, military-grade data destruction solutions are now available for corporations that comply with the strictest data destruction standards. On-site and off-site secure hard drive shredding, paper and document shredding, hard drive degaussing, and equipment destruction are secure, affordable options that twenty-first-century businesses must use to ensure their ongoing, ethical operation. 

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