California Apartment Complexes May Soon Offer Recycling

If you live in an apartment building in California, there’s a good chance that you don’t have access to convenient recycling. If a new law passes, that will soon change.

Assembly Bill 818 will require owners of apartment buildings to offer recycling services to their tenants. California legislators and environmentalists have been trying to pass this law for years, but have met resistance from Republicans and landlords alike.

This change would help California maximize its recycling rate. Right now, over 7 million Californians live in apartment complexes and only 40 percent of these buildings have access to convenient recycling.

“Renters want to recycle but often can’t unless they haul their waste to recycling centers. By bringing recycling services to renters, we can harness the power of millions of every day acts for our environment,” said Representative Bob Blumenfield(D-San Fernando Valley).

I think this is a great step. I know many people who will only recycle when it’s convenient to do so. They will toss a plastic water bottle in a recycling bin if it is right next to the trash can, but won’t hold onto it and drive it to a recycling facility.

Do you think this law will pass? Does your state have a similar law?  

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