Apple ranks last for environmental response

Photo Credit: Apple

Three dozen Chinese groups claim that Apple is failing to address worker safety and pollution concerns.

A report by the Beijing-based non-profit institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE) ranked Apple last out of 29 tech companies for their responsiveness on health and environmental concerns. The report also criticized Apple’s response to worker’s suicides in the Foxconn plant last year.

“[Apple] only care[s] about the price and quality [of their products] and not the environmental and social responsibility issues. In some ways they drive the suppliers to cut corners to win their contracts,” IPE Director Ma Jun told Reuters.

Apple denies these claims, telling Reuters that it has a vigorous auditing regime and closely monitors all of its suppliers.

Some say that this ranking might be a bit harsh because Apple contracted out most of its overseas manufacturing years ago. Although Apple should still claim some responsibility, other groups should go after these contractors as well.

“We are absolutely going to see more of this,” Basel Action Network spokesperson Jim Puckett told MacNewsWorld. “Reports of concerns like these are happening more and more often as China’s workers feel comfortable speaking out and making it clear that all is not well.”

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