10 Ways Sacramento Keeps it Green

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Because the All Green Electronics Recycling National Corporate Headquarters is based in Tustin, many of the posts on this blog center on green news in Southern California.

But All Green also has a regional headquarters in Sacramento, a city known for its clean technology, including energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Here are the highlights, according to Solar Feed:

  1. Numerous Solar Energy Companies– Sacramento is home to many solar energy companies, including REC Solar and Aztec Solar.
  2. Increased Number of ChargePoint Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles– According to Richard Lowenthal, CEO of Coulomb Technologies, Sacramento is where the standards for air quality, transportation, and infrastructure are set for California and the nation, so it’s fitting that Sacramento be a model EV-ready city as automakers introduce new electric vehicles.
  3. Awarded EV Planning Grant by Energy Commission– In February 2012, the California Energy Commission granted $200,000 to Sacramento, which will go towards the created Capital Area Plug-In Electric Vehicle Coordination Council to speed up the processes.
  4. Sacramento LEED buildings– The city of Sacramento currently has more than 40 LEED-certified buildings. A majority of these have received the Gold or Silver certification.
  5. Sustainable Sacramento—Sustainable Sacramento is part of the City of Sacramento’s Department of General Services. This is where Sacramento residents can learn all about the sustainability projects and initiatives going on within the city.
  6. Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies– The Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies is located in Sacramento. It has partnered with some of the top environmental groups and clean energy companies from the private sector.
  7. Awarded Millions for Alternative Energy by Federal Government– In January 2010, the federal government awarded Sacramento with $5 million in stimulus funding for a number of alternative energy projects, including the state’s first solar highway.
  8. Largest solar project– In April 2011, a number of state, city, and public utility officials came together to start construction on the largest private solar power installation in the city.
  9. SolarCity Builds Large Facility in Sacramento– In January 2011, SolarCity announced that it would build a new operations center in the city of Sacramento and offer energy efficiency services to all of the area homeowners.
  10. Sacramento Installs Energy Efficient Lighting in Parking Garages– In August 2011, Sacramento began the process of installing LED lights in five of the eight public parking garages in the city. This is estimated to save more than $1 million over the course of 11 years. Impressive!

Bonus: For all of your electronics recycling needs, All Green Electronics Recycling’s Sacramento Regional Headquarters is located at:

  • 2505 Front Street
    West Sacramento, CA 95691

This is an impressive list of accomplishments for one city! Let’s hope the rest of California follows their capital’s example!

You can read Solar Feed’s article here.

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