10 “Smartest” Cities on the Planet

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So we’ve written about the 15 greenest U.S. states, the top 10 eco-friendly world countries, and the top 10 U.S. cities/metro areas for public transportation. Here’s yet another list for you!

Climate strategist Boyd Cohen from the blog Co.Exist came up with the top 10 “smart” cities on the planet. Cohen’s definition of a smart city includes cities  that “use information and communication technologies to be more intelligent and efficient in the use of resources, resulting in the cost and energy savings, improved service delivery and quality of life, and reduced environmental footprint—all supporting innovation and low-carbon economy.”

So according to Cohen, what are the 10 “smartest” cities in the world?

  1. Vienna
  2. Toronto
  3. Paris
  4. New York
  5. London
  6. Tokyo
  7. Berlin
  8. Copenhagen
  9. Hong Kong
  10. Barcelona

Vienna as the top city came as a bit of a surprise to Cohen, but it was the only city to rank in the top 10 in every category (innovation city, regional green city, quality of life, and digital governance). de.natashaescort.com

Runners up to the top 10 include: Amsterdam, Melbourne, Seattle, São Paulo, Stockholm, and Vancouver.

Do you think of your city as a “smart” city?  

To read more about these smart cities, read Cohen’s original post “The Top 10 Smart Cities On The Planet.”

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