What Makes IT Asset Disposition Companies Safe and Secure

The past few years have transformed the IT landscape and organizations now are faced with the challenge of dealing with mounting e-waste. As a result, the services of IT asset disposition companies (ITAD) are increasingly being adopted by businesses across the world to protect data and guard against penalties from the improper disposal of IT assets.

In fact, ITAD is now viewed as an integral part of business, and the number of companies budgeting for ITAD has risen by 38% according to the Blumberg Advisory Group’s 2014 ITAD Trends Report.

Today, the IT asset disposition market is expected to reach USD 20.09 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 9.83%. This is evidence to the shift in IT asset management with organizations now turning to IT asset disposition companies for the secure disposal of IT assets and equipment.

But are the IT asset disposition companies safe?

3 Ways ITAD Companies Ensure Your Data Security

1. They Have a Centrally managed ITAD process

Most ITAD companies run a centrally managed IT disposition engineered to be fully transparent every step of the way. This way, organizations are able to follow the disposal of their IT assets effortlessly.

The result? Improved decision making and better risk management helping companies simplify the disposal process and protect brand reputation.

2. IT Asset Disposition Companies Offer a Secure Chain of Custody

ITAD companies invest hugely in the development of secure end to end processes to ensure the highest levels of quality throughout the entire chain of custody for client’s IT assets. All individuals handling client’s assets undergo extensive background checks and are required to sign nondisclosure agreements.

Secure transportation and surveillance of the processing facilities, along with a developed IT asset reporting structure, are a must with most ITAD service providers.

3. Professionally Trained Staff Are Used

ITAD companies hire qualified professionals. These employees are then trained or retrained on the processing procedures of the company.

From testing, cleansing and remarketing of assets, IT asset disposition companies are well versed with the requirements of their clients.

4. They Comply With Government Legislation

Adherence to industry rules is of prime importance to any business. To ensure that clients don’t fall victim to penalties and fines due to non-compliance, ITAD companies use data destruction methods that are in compliance with NIST, NSA standards, HIPAA, DOD, FACTA, and various other state and federal stipulations.

Certified IT Asset Disposition Companies Know What to Do

As data is the organization’s most valuable asset, protecting it and keeping it from falling into the wrong hands during the end of its lifecycle is of paramount importance. Companies are becoming knowledgeable on the importance of keeping information secure. Today established organizations treat data security as an enterprise and business problem rather than just a technical concern.

By partnering with IT asset disposition companies, businesses are able to better manage and streamline their asset disposition management. The benefits go beyond the security of data. ITAD professionals can help you reduce your company’s capital expenditure by analyzing retired equipment and making recommendations for redeployment.

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