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Electronics Recycling in Battery Park City

All Green offers Battery Park City comprehensive recycling services that not only transform e-waste but also transform lives.


Electronics Recycling

All Green has numerous recycling drop-off locations so you can conveniently and responsibly get rid of your electronic waste.

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IT Asset Disposition

We are experts in Global ITAD, with years of experience in helping clients retire their end-of-life assets efficiently and profitably.  

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Data Destruction

We don’t take data security for granted. Our facilities offer data destruction services to keep sensitive data away from the wrong hands.

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Equipment Destruction

Secure destruction of equipment guarantees that unusable components and any leftover sensitive data will no longer be recoverable.

Electronics Recycling Battery Park City Services By All Green

Electronics Recycling Battery Park City NYResponsible electronics recycling is the solution to the burgeoning e-waste problem in the world today. Done right, it keeps toxic substances from entering our waste streams, helps conserve energy and resources, and creates a circular economy with more jobs and business opportunities. More than transforming e-waste into shredded little bits of scrap, electronics recycling also helps transform lives. All Green provides the best Electronics Recycling Battery Park City Services to do that and more.

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Battery Park City IT Asset Remarketing Services

Battery Park City is a 92-acre planned community privately developed on reclaimed land along the west side of Lower Manhattan in New York. It was built from scratch – created by extending the Manhattan shoreline through dredging the Hudson River and then using soil and rock from the excavation of the World Trade Center, New York City Water Tunnel, and other projects as landfill. What once was the site of deteriorating shipping piers is now a vibrant neighborhood with numerous buildings for commercial, housing, and retail use, and nearly 36 acres of parks and public spaces. The master plan for this transformation has stood the test of time and has been recognized as a successful model for urban reinvention and redevelopment.

The same transformation that has made Battery Park City a success also applies in the field of electronics recycling. Outdated and decommissioned IT assets can be refurbished to benefit others or remarketed at the best industry rates. All Green has the expertise to make this transformation happen.

Transforming IT Equipment

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

Because we are a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, we add more value to decommissioned PCs and servers by installing them with genuine Microsoft software for resale. When the refurbished assets are sold through our reseller network, we return a percentage of the net revenue to our clients so they can recoup some of their investment.

Clients also have the option to redeploy the assets back into their business to save on costs or donate these to charities or communities.


Transforming Lives

Given the nature of our business, we have the access and ability to produce high-quality equipment at low cost. Aside from our community outreach programs, we have also pledged to match our client’s IT equipment donations to low-income families one for one and provide the necessary logistics and services to make this happen. It goes a long way towards providing kids improved access to technology and a better chance at success. If you have cell phones, laptops, or PCs that you would like to donate, trust us to maximize their value and their transformative impact on people’s lives.

Battery Park City Data Destruction Services

All Green’s recycling processes do not compromise data security. We apply stringent data destruction through data wiping, media degaussing, hard drive crushing and shredding. With these processes, clients can be assured that their IT devices and equipment have been thoroughly sanitized of any residual data before these are remarketed or donated.

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