The Document Shredding Process and Why You Should Use It

What is the document shredding process and why should you use it? If your office uses a paper shredder on site rather than a paper shredding services, you could be causing security issues with your papers and you aren’t being environmentally friendly. If you use an office shredder on site, there is no way to be certain that everyone in the office is throwing their recycled paper into the recycling bin. So not only are you being wasteful, you might be exposing your important information to people who may be sifting through your trash to piece together shreds of paper to recover sensitive information. A certified paper shredder will comply with recycling standards, and handle your used documents in a secure manner.

Why a Secure Document Shredding Process is Necessary

The Document Shredding Process And Why You Should Use It

Although it is easy to track your business records that are official, the paper that your individual employees keep on their desks is hard to keep track of. Day to day business records and company messages are not as accounted for, but ironically these documents can do the most damage if they are no shredded. When you don’t use a secure document shredding process you need to worry about the papers on every desk, and in every file cabinet in addition to the company storage area. If you have employees who work from home, or have more than one location, the problem just gets worse. Make sure you use a company who will have a secure document shredding process.

The Document Shredding Process Step by Step

When you utilize a company with a set document shredding process, you will typically be provided a lockable storage container. Shredding companies can offer a large variety of styles and sizes to make sure that you are using the most economical and efficient solution for each of your locations and departments. The document shredding process will start when your employees deposit the documents through slots in these containers. A company will perform services either daily, weekly, bi-weekly or on a month to month basis – you choose the schedule.

It is not necessary to have a regular document shredding process – you can choose to use these services periodically or when you need to. The company will typically shred any quantity of documents, and they can securely shred and destroy your documents straight from your file boxes.
The document shredding process can occur at your office, at a company location or at your storage facility. First your workers will first place confidential documents into locked security containers that will be provided to you for free.

The Document Shredding Process – What to Expect When a Technician Comes on Site

Choose a company that will send a uniformed technician to your location to ensure optimal security. He or she will move your locked up bins in to their truck, where the shredder is contained. Each container will be lifted securely and quickly and will be dumped into the shredder. Your papers will be shredded in a matter of minutes. Many companies will allow you to see the shredding yourself if you need extra peace of mind.

Afterward, you will be presented with a certificate that will confirm that your documents have been shredded. From there the document shredding process will complete when your shredding company brings your documents to the recycling center.

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