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Corpus Christi Recycling

In Corpus Christi recycling matters. Corpus Christi residents and businesses are proud of their community’s recycling efforts and work hard to make their neighborhood clean, green, and environmentally friendly.

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Electronics Recycling

It is no longer sufficient to discard unwanted electronics with general waste. Corporations have a responsibility to make use of professional electronics recycling solutions.

IT Asset Disposition

What do you do with your IT assets at the end of their useful life? Responsible companies and individuals must have an IT asset disposition plan and supporting policies.

Data Destruction

When it comes to data destruction, there's no such thing as being too careful. Identity theft and data fraud are very real concerns, and companies must take every precaution.

Equipment Destruction

When your equipment reaches the end of its useful life, it is only with secure equipment destruction that companies can ensure their trade secrets are destroyed.

In Corpus Christi recycling is important on every level. The local government has put in place a comprehensive household waste recycling program to support the environmentally conscious residents of Corpus Christi, and professional recycling experts like All Green Recycling are here to fill in the gaps for bulk, corporate, or non-residential recycling needs.

Corpus Christi’s Comprehensive Household Waste Recycling Program

The City of Corpus Christi aims to make recycling easy and straightforward for its residents. By providing a blue “smart cart” for household recycling, the local government allows residents to place all recyclable material directly into the smart cart without any further need to sort or separate the items.

Residents are requested simply to rinse any recyclable items that have contained food, to reduce the risk of contamination. Apart from this, residents are free to recycle everything from personal documents, catalogues, and other paperwork to phonebooks and flattened cardboard, in addition to plastics from number 1 through to number 7, shampoo, soap, and detergent bottles, squeezable household bottles and tubs, and metal items including empty aerosol cans, empty drink cans, and empty, rinsed food cans.

Corpus Christi Recycling Takes a Step Forward with the ‘Dirty Dozen Challenge’

To take their recycling efforts one step further, the City of Corpus Christi has introduced their “Dirty Dozen Challenge” which aims to educate residents about the items that can and cannot be recycled.

To streamline their recycling processes, the local government aims to educate its residents about common items that are incorrectly discarded in the blue recycling carts. Plastic bags, branches, grass trimmings, and aluminum foil are just some of the items that well-meaning residents incorrectly throw out in their blue recycling carts in their efforts to contribute to the Corpus Christi recycling program.

Local government officials are undertaking a comprehensive 12-month education campaign with the aim of reducing the number of items placed in recycling bins which are not suitable for the Corpus Christi recycling program.

Recycling Computers, Electronics, and Accessories in Corpus Christi

Residential Customer Electronics

When it comes to recycling consumer electronics like unwanted household computers, the Corpus Christi recycling program includes access for all residents to the J.C. Elliott Collection Center on Highway 286 at Ayes Road.

Corpus Christi residents are encouraged to bring kitchen cooking oil, household hazardous waste, and household electronics including rechargeable batteries, printers, computers, keyboards, and televisions to the J.C. Elliott Collection Center between 8 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Saturday every week.

Bulk, Corporate or Non-Resident Customer Electronics

As comprehensive as the Corpus Christi recycling program is, at this time it does not cater for every type of recycling need. Corporations and organizations in Corpus Christi must find their own way of dealing with unwanted computers and other electronic equipment, as must people with bulk recycling needs, or non-residents of Corpus Christi.

Those people to whom the Corpus Christi recycling program does not extend are left wondering how to dispose of computer components and how to recycle computers in an environmentally friendly way.

For these people, only professional, industry standard data destruction and computer recycling will suffice. At All Green Recycling, we have the industry standard equipment, the trained staff, and the technological know-how to irretrievably wipe your unwanted computers and other devices of confidential information, then dispose of and recycle the components in an environmentally friendly way.

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