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Community Outreach

All Green Electronics Recycling is dedicated to giving back to our community.


All Green Electronics Recycling is dedicated to giving back to our community. Most companies have added “being green” to their goals of earning green. At All Green, we believe that giving back to our community is just as important as earning green and being green. That’s why we hold public collection events, fundraising events and donate refurbished computers to those in need.

Computer Donation Program – Giving back to As a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, we have the unique ability to provide fully refurbished computers for low-income families, charities and community centers. Fully refurbished and warrantied PCs, Laptops and other computer equipment can be provided at just a fraction of the cost. We donate refurbished computers, laptops and cell phones to various causes across the country.

Public Collection Events – We also hold public collection events to support our local communities within 300 miles of any of our facilities. Public collection events are often held at absolutely no cost to local consumers and businesses. These events can be organized and co-hosted by cities, libraries, churches, schools, businesses and anyone else interested in helping us make our planet just a little more green. A list of all upcoming collection events can be found at: https://allgreenrecycling.com/ecycling-events/

Fundraising Collection Events – We can assist your non-profit organization raise money by holding a public electronics recycling collection event. We will provide all of the logistics, licensing, handling, trucking, staffing and planning… All you need to do is get the word out and we’ll make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Many of our partners including schools, churches and charities have raised hundreds or thousands of dollars every three months by holding quarterly electronics collection events. To plan an event, simply give us some details to get started at: https://allgreenrecycling.com/event-planning/

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