According to the EPA, e-waste is still ending up in landfills

According to the recently released EPA report about“Facts and Figures” on Municipal Solid Waste generated in the U.S., a vast majority of e-waste is still ending up in landfills.

In 2009, 82.3 percent of e-waste generated in the U.S. ended up in landfills or incinerators. Only 17.7 percent was recycled.

Photo Credit: Electronics TakeBack Coalition

Electronic waste, or “e-waste,” can be dangerous if not disposed of carefully. It can contain hazardous levels of lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury, beryllium, nickel, zinc, and flame retardants.

Let’s improve these figures for 2011. There are currently 24 states with e-waste laws that either prohibit what can be thrown in the trash or mandate that manufacturers provide recycling programs.

As always, you can visit our site to find out how you can dispose of e-waste ethically and responsibly.


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