80% of Global Energy Could Be Renewable By 2050


Photo Credit: Conserve-Energy-Future.com

If supported by public policies, 80 percent of the world’s energy demands could be renewable by 2050, according to the United Nations.

According to Earth911:

In 2008, renewable energy accounted for 12.9 percent of the global energy supply. Biomass – which can include burning organic matter to produce energy, as well as advanced biofuels – was 2008’s most popular renewable energy source at 10.2 percent of the energy supply. Hydropower represented 2.3 percent, while solar, ocean, wind and geothermal sources each made up less than 1 percent.

Although I would love to see this happen, I’m skeptical that we can make this leap so quickly. Can we really go from 12.9 to 80 percent in four decades?

The only way this can happen is if we reduce the amount of energy we currently use. California has a large population and economy, yet uses less energy per capita than the rest of the United States. Other states can take note: California can do this because electricity is expensive.

Do you think this is possible?

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