8 Ways to Reduce Your Junk Mail

Every couple of days, I journey to my mailbox—inconveniently located on the opposite side of the apartment complex—and empty my junk mail straight into the recycling bin. I do pretty much everything online and only receive “snail mail” once a month or so.

Earth911 recently came up with a list of 8 ways to reduce your junk mail. I haven’t tried any of these methods yet, but I’m curious to see what works.

  1. Choose your catalogs
  2. Cut down on credit card offers
  3. Ditch the direct mail
  4. Put your phone book on hold
  5. Charity, not clutter
  6. Return to sender
  7. Hire others to reduce your junk mail for you
  8. Proceed with caution (when giving out your mailing address)

Not all of these tips apply to me, but even a few could seriously reduce my junk mail!

Have you tried any of these tips? Which ones do you recommend?

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