7 Ways to Stay Cool Without the AC

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Credit: PBWorks.com

Summer has only been here for a week and people are already wondering, “How do I stay cool without the air conditioner?”

Although you might need to resort to that device in extreme heat, there are many ways to keep cool in milder weather.

  1. If the air outside is cooler than the air inside, open your window and get some air circulating.  This might seem logical, but we all know that common sense isn’t, so common.
  2. If the air outside is warmer than the air inside, close your windows and blinds to trap the cold air in.
  3. Turn off the lights and close the blinds—Sure, you might be sitting in a dark room in the middle of the day, but at least you’re cool(er). Right?
  4. Don’t run large appliances during the day; it will warm the house up.
  5. Stay low: Heat rises, so the bottom floor will almost always be cooler than the top floor.
  6. Wet your pulse points with an ice cube or cold water. This will keep you cool—especially if jumping in the pool isn’t an option.
  7. Our most important tip?: Stay hydrated! Remember that many heat-related problems are caused by dehydration.
    • Keep in mind: If you are dehydrated, don’t drink soda! Caffeine acts as a diuretic, and drinks that are high in caffeine will only make dehydration worse.
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