6 Summer Tips (How To Go Green Without Losing Your Cool)

Happy summer! Today is the first day of summer, and we all know that summer comes with heat, popsicles, and keeping cool.

So how does an eco-conscious person go green this summer, but still have a blast?

  1. Use a fan—Fans are effective at keeping you cool and use less energy than air conditioners do. Open a window to get some air circulating. If you live in a very warm climate and need air conditioning, try setting it a degree or two higher than you normally would.
  2. Pick up a book—Reading is a low-tech and low-impact way to stay entertained. Whether you use an e-reader or a traditional print book, you’re using less energy than if you were, say, on a computer or watching TV.
  3. Barbeque—Do you love to barbeque in the summer? Propane grills are cleaner than traditional wood or charcoal.
  4. Buy local—Local fruits and vegetables are often plentiful during the summer months. Reduce your carbon footprint by shopping at local farmers’ markets.
    Bonus: It’s been said that this is a good way to find deals on organic produce since many small farmers cannot afford the organic certification label.
  5. Ride a bike—Ditch the car and ride your bike to the store if you’re able to. Or just walk—that’s green too. Yes, I know that we aren’t all lucky enough to be able to do this, but if you can, go for it!
  6. Visit a national park—Do you want to have a little getaway? Study a map and take a mini-vacation to visit landmarks in your area. Visiting these parks will remind you why it’s so important to protect them.

What are your tips for staying green this summer?

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