5 Ways to Reuse Common Items

Recyclingsymbol - All Green Electronics RecyclingI recently came across “Recycle This,” a blog with interesting reuse and recycle options for a variety of common household items. Although the site is based out of the UK, many of the concepts and ideas are universal.

Here are my top 5 favorite posts:

  1. Wine corks can be made into trivets or cork boards. I’ve seen this done before and it works well.
  2. Most of us are trying to stop using plastic bags, but what do you do with the ones you already have? They can be fused together to make a stronger bag, knitted into a non-absorbent rug, or even turned into a jumprope.
  3. Pencil erasers can be turned into rubber stamps.
  4. Padded envelopes can be recovered and reused—this could be great if you own a small business or items in an Ebay or Etsy store.
  5. Audio cassettes and audio cassette cases can be used to hold business cards or be remade into belt buckles or purses.

How do you recycle common household items?

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Comments (2)

  1. Avatar for Arman Diane says:

    Reusing padded envelopes is a favorite of mine. I like audio cassette cases for card holers. I might have to try that one.

    1. Avatar for Arman Amy Erickson says:

      I think the audio cassettes would look great as card cases. I sometimes use Altoids tins for that, it’s just the right size.

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