5 Old, Ugly Televisions

A while back, I asked you to picture the oldest, ugliest TV you could find and enter All Green’s first-ever Ugliest Television Contest.

FYI–The contest deadline has been extended until April 30th at 11:59 PST. We did this to honor Earth Month and to give you more time to perfect your entry.

To give you some inspiration, I went on Flickr and found 5 old, ugly televisions to share with you:

Television 1:

Photo Credit: Jason Schultz

Television 2:

Photo Credit: Fernando de Sousa

Television 3:

Photo Credit: schmilblick

Television 4:

Photo Credit: hatbanger

Television 5:

Photo Credit: Michael Pereckas

Did you know that each one of these TVs can contain as much as 8 pounds of lead?

Be sure to enter All Green’s Ugliest TV Contest and to spread the word about the importance of responsible electronics recycling!

Which of the above TVs is your favorite?

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