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Electronics Recycling in Windsor

To effectively address the e-waste problems in this location, All Green Recycling offers world-class Electronics Recycling, IT Asset Disposition and Equipment Destruction.


Electronics Recycling

Recycling and remarketing your tech devices that have still value when refurbished is our focus in E-Cycling.

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IT Asset Disposition

A proper and professional disposal of your e-waste products is our forte. So consult us and try our services.

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Data Destruction

All hard drives and SSDs have sensitive files and information. You need our Data Destruction today.

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Equipment Destruction

All retiring and even recalled IT products should be destroyed so that they can't be sold again on the market.

Electronics Recycling Windsor Services By All Green

Windsor ImageRecycling old electronics is the expertise of our company. We’re in this business for more decades now. We’ve been serving the people by providing a proven and tested E-Waste Management Solution. Our plans and programs are focused for the benefits of the communities here. So try our well-crafted Electronics Recycling Windsor Services today.

Through responsible recycling of electronic waste products the environment will be protected and the natural resources can sustain for the succeeding generations. By recycling and remarketing the old tech products the landfill spaces will be safe from the harmful impacts of metallic elements such as cadmium, barium, mercury, lead, zinc and other metals. Now is the right time for us to act together – so let’s practice an eco-friendly electronic waste management system.

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Windsor, California

Windsor is an incorporated town in Sonoma County. This city is located at the heart of California’s Wine Country and is home to many wine-tasting venues.

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IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronics ImageWe will recycle all electronic devices wherever you are in this town. Our approaches are optimized. They are designed to provide perfect solutions to your electronic junk problems. If you are about to dispose of your retiring tech products you can call our attention for the necessary recycling activities.

On-site, off-site, we will conduct a data security process in two forms: Hard Drive Shredding and Equipment Destruction. This is to ensure that all sensitive, confidential files will be removed from the sources such as servers, SSDs and hard drives. 

Schedule our electronic waste pickup service or try to locate a drop-off area where you can place your item for All Green to pick up.

Credible Windsor Electronics Recycling

Our premium electronic waste recycling solutions are reliable. Years of excellent experience serve as our main foundation why we claim as one of the leaders in the industry. We also offer an IT Asset Remarketing wherein you can save money for tech replacement cost reduction. The extra income you can have will be coming from the reselling profit of all the refurbished items.

Please feel free to contact us today for more details and information.