Why All Green Electronics Recycling?

1 Why - All Green Electronics Recycling

The leading electronics recycling company in the U.S, All Green Electronics Recycling is the choice of government agencies, corporations and small businesses alike.

Dominant International Presence

All Green Electronics Recycling is one of the few electronics recycling companies that daily services all 50 U.S. states, and we are aggressively expanding, both on the home front and globally. We have the largest fleet of I.T recycling vehicles in the country, and every day our coverage expands.

Highest Certification Levels in the Industry

All Green Electronics Recycling holds in-house certification to levels that match, or in some cases exceed, the highest in the industry such as:

  • R2 Responsible Recycling
  • ISO 14001 Compliance
  • OHSAS 18001 Adherence

Cutting Edge Innovative Systems

Nationally and internationally recognized as at the forefront of recycling policy and technology, few businesses have taken the strides All Green Electronics Recycling has to advance the all-important cause of electronics recycling. Our systems and standards are cutting edge, winning multiple industry awards.

Our zest for perfection in no small part thanks to visionary CEO Arman Sadeghi’s commitment to constant improvement. Internationally recognized as the face of responsible recycling, Arman Sadeghi tirelessly works to streamline All Green’s business processes and ensure its rapid continuing growth.

No. 1 Ranking Website in the Industry

Always important to brand identity and for legitimacy, our website is the no 1 ranking site in the industry, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors daily looking to recycling their equipment and reduce their carbon footprint. We receive thousands of leads daily, and it’s easy for us to direct this business to our franchisees.