Wheeling IT Asset Disposition Solutions

You Need ITAD to Maintain Company Policies

You don’t want your data to fall into the wrong hands. Because when the privacy of your clients is violated, you may be liable for civil action against you. And in addition to financial losses, you can expect to experience an impact on your company’s reputation as well.

So the security of your information, and your IT assets, is vital. That’s where we can help.

All Green Recycling specialize in rolling out centrally managed ITAD programs for government, the private sector, and all organizations in-between. Our ITAD experts work with you to create a method of acquisition that involves a secure chain of custody. The process is engineered to be fully transparent every step of the way and ensures that sensitive data is completely destroyed.

Incorporating these effective data destruction methods will give you peace of mind and will allow you to concentrate on the operation and management of your organization.

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