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Electronics Recycling in Wasco

Let All Green Electronics Recycling provide you with the best and most tested ITAD Solutions, IT Asset Remarketing, Data Destruction, and Equipment Destruction in Wasco.


Electronics Recycling

We own a fleet of trucks for easy and quick e-waste pickup. All Green Electronics Recycling is a tested company.

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IT Asset Disposition

We make sure that you recover the monetary value of your old IT assets. You can earn revenue when disposing of your old tech equipment.

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Data Destruction

We know how to delete or wipe your digital files and information permanently. Our technology is most modern and high trusted in the industry.

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Equipment Destruction

Safe and secure Equipment Destruction is the heart of our business. We will provide you with a certificate of destruction after each process.

Electronics Recycling Wasco Services By All Green

Wasco-EwasteNobody knows exactly where Wasco got it name. Residents share two theories which they also learned from early settlers. One is that the city’s name was coined from a Western American Sugar Company. A second theory says that the city was named after one of its residents. Founded in 1907, Wasco is the site of the Fourth Home Extension Colony. Wherever the city got its name, residents certainly need the help of a reliable e-waste recycler like All Green’s Electronics Recycling Wasco Services.



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IT Asset Disposition


Outdated laptops remain valuable if given to the right people. We know how to extract the still useful components from your old IT asset for reuse. We do not rush the process. We want everything to be perfect. We asses your equipment’s condition by looking at its age and functionality. Components that can still be used are sold through our online resale platform. Do not worry. We share a portion of the proceeds with the equipment owner.


Wasco Electronics Recycling

Having a reliable e-waste recycler nearby is a source of relief. Do not waste your time. See us now for a quote.

Competitive E-Waste Recycling with the Industry’s best

Wasco’s 25, 545 residents need a reliable partner in e-waste recycling. Tapping the services of an industry leader like All Green do not have to be costly. Part of the cost may even be subsidized by the proceeds that you will earn from the resale of the still useful components of your old electronic equipment. Talk to us. We will offer you free-expert advise on your e-waste disposal plans. 

Wasco Hard Drive Shredding, California

Time is of the essence in ensuring complete data protection. Sometimes, businesses get too preoccupied in ensuring the success of their operation and become unmindful of the need to protect their vulnerabilities. We offer our hard drive shredding services as a solution to your worries. We shred your data storage devices in a safe and secure manner.

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