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Viva Electronics Recycling and E WasteAll Green offers Electronics Recycling ViVa services that are easy and efficient. This area is located in Manhattanville, Manhattan. The name ViVa stands for Viaduct Valley. Help keep ViVa clean and e-waste free with All Green!    



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IT Asset Disposition

Viva Electronics Recycling and E WasteAll Green Electronics Recycling specializes in recycling any electronic devices. If you want to replace your office IT equipment, you need to schedule an e-waste pickup or to find a drop-off location. It is important that you don’t throw your electronics in the trash bin. Recycling and reusing electronic equipment that is highly toxic to the environment is advised. That’s why All Green guarantees that your old and unused electronic devices won’t reach the landfills, and won’t even be transported to locations overseas for careless dumping. 

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Secure and Certified Hard Drive Shredding and Data Destruction

The moment you finally decide to replace your old IT equipment with new ones, it’s about time that you decide what e-waste recycling company you’re going to tap to shred and destroy your sensitive digital data. Complete digital wiping is the expertise of All Green Recycling. With our offered services, your security and safety is of utmost importance and top priority. We always make sure that the contained information in your hard drives and SSDs will never reach those people who can use them to your disadvantage and risks. 

Personal and business data stealing is one of the major risks you’ll face if you’ll not make sure that the files are destroyed completely before the final recycling process is done. The expertise of All Green workers and the advancement of the technology used in hard drive shredding is the guarantee that such particular risk will be prevented and avoided. We do both on-site and off-site shredding. Either way, your data will completely and totally be destroyed. 

IT Equipment Remarketing

There are certain steps our company will do to make sure that your old and unused IT devices and gadgets will be usable again. Recycling to make way for donation or remarketing is the general process that really works. IT asset remarketing is our way to increase business savings. You can earn as much as 70% from the total resale value of those remarketed computers, mobile phones, and other devices. 

All Green Recycling Offers World-Class E-Waste Disposal

Why us? We offer a wide range of electronic waste disposal services. Our electronics recycling ViVa can help the people and business entities in this area. We do these: 

  • IT Asset Disposition
  • Data Security
  • IT Asset Recovery
  • Secure Equipment Destruction
  • On-Site/Off-Site Hard Drive Shredding
  • Reverse Logistics Services
  • E-Waste Recycling & Processing
  • IT Asset Donation

Contact us today if you want your old devices and gadgets to be reused, remarketed or donated to some institutions in need.