Utica IT Asset Disposition Solutions

Why IT Asset Disposition is ESSENTIAL for Utica Businesses

Cyber-attacks and data breaches are hot topics. They have the potential to leave many companies and organizations liable to extreme court cases and civil disputes.

You need to ensure you have the right policies and processes that act to tighten your network security. That’s where we can help.

An IT asset management plan that includes secure IT asset disposition (ITAD) services can help ensure compliance with government regulations and industry standards, while offering other benefits including:

  • Proving corporate responsibilities
  • Free up space in business areas
  • Reduce the need for expensive off-site storage
  • Manage your exposure to environmental risks.

A secure ITAD services provider like All Green Recycling that offers disposal services such as hard drive shredding, data wiping, confidential document shredding, and asset recovery, will mitigate the costs of performing these extra steps. When coupled with measures such as encrypting otherwise unencrypted hard drives or physically damaging IT assets prior to destruction is the best way to protect your organization.