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Electronics Recycling in Temecula

Now is the time to be environmentally responsible, so call All Green Recycling for Electronics Recycling in Temecula. All Green has attained the highest standards in electronic recycling and disposal.


Electronics Recycling

We protect the environment, which is why we are experts in electronics recycling. We make sure that toxic materials from electronic wastes do not reach the landfill.

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IT Asset Disposition

We protect your financial resources. While some of your end-of-life electronic devices no longer function, we will refurbish them so they will be fit for remarketing. 

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Data Destruction

We protect your information. Your data is considered confidential and we will secure them by digitally wiping them off electronic wastes for recycling and disposal.

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Equipment Destruction

We protect your reputation. We make sure that electronic devices that are subject for recall or return will be crashed so that these will not be sold again.

Electronics Recycling Temecula Services By All Green


Electronics recycling in Temecula is easy and convenient with All Green Recycling. So there really is no excuse not to be environmentally responsible when all you have to do is call All Green and schedule for an electronic waste pickup. Or you can always drop off your electronic wastes in the nearest drop-off center and the company will just pick them up. Embrace our Electronics Recycling Temecula Services when it comes to responsibly recycling end-of-life electronic items.

One should preserve the beauty of Temecula by recycling electronics. It would be such a waste if the 106,000 people (estimate as of 2013) living in this city will not practice recycling when this city is such a draw among tourists.

This location is known for the following attractions:

  • Temecula Valley Wine Country
  • Old Town Temecula
  • Temecula Valley Polo Club
  • Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival
  • Temecula Valley International Film Festival

It would be a shame if these attractions would be marred by pollution just because the people could not recycle their electronic wastes.

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Temecula is an affluent community. So expect that there would be thousands of electronic devices—maybe even millions considering that a person can own more than one electronic item—in the city. It would be great if the entire community are educated about the process of recycling and disposal.

All Green Recycling is known for its convenience and security. This is why both private organizations and government institutions trust the company’s services. We also comply with all city, state and federal requirements. We do all these because we care about our reputation. As a result, we also care that our clients will be able to keep their credibility intact and so we do things properly. And clients can monitor the progress so they know the status of the electronics they have entrusted in our care either for recycling or disposal.

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Here are some electronic devices that you can recycle through us:

  • Computer
  • Laptop
  • Cellphone
  • Telephone
  • Server
  • Monitor
  • Network equipment
  • Telecom equipment
  • Television
  • Tablet
  • VHS/CD/DVD player
  • Anything that plugs or uses battery/other old and unwanted equipment

Temecula Electronics Recycling Location

As mentioned, we make things convenient for clients. You can either check out in which areas you can drop off electronics for recycling, or you can schedule a pick-up service with All Green. If you are in these areas, make sure you check out the coverage of the electronics recycling in Temecula:

  • Wildomar
  • Canyon Lake
  • Menifee
  • Dutch Village

Contact us for more details about our company services.