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Electronics Recycling in Tehama

Rest assured that Electronics Recycling in Tehama will only be done the proper way with All Green Recycling. So trust us to handle your e-waste recycling and disposal needs.


Electronics Recycling

We have earned the highest levels of certification from the electronic waste recycling industry. It is our goal to serve right through environment-friendly practices.

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IT Asset Disposition

Facilities are operated following the highest standards. Our IT asset disposition will only follow the proper procedures that promise security and safety of information. 

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Data Destruction

We want to protect our credibility, that’s why we only adhere to the best data destruction procedures. We also care for your credibility so we don’t do anything haphazardly.

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Equipment Destruction

Trust All Green to strictly follow industry standards on equipment destruction especially in matters of product recall. We make sure nothing is sold in the black market.

Electronics Recycling Tehama Services By All Green


Tehama is such a small city in Tehama County, California. It’s so small that the last census in 2010 reported that there were only 418 residents in the area. Worse, the population went down since the 2000 census recorded 432 people living in the city. The city is actually among the earliest California settlements north of Sacramento. But it seems like based on the census, the settlement is only for a short period of time, living the city with a 4.8% homeowner vacancy rate and 11.3% rental vacancy rate. Try our Electronics Recycling Tehama Services today to recycle and remarket end-of-life IT products.

In terms of practicing green living, Tehama is the perfect place to be. With a population of less than 500, it would be easy to monitor who among the residents actually practice electronics recycling in Tehama. With a population this small, sometimes a penalty for an infraction is no longer needed because the embarrassment could be enough. So preserve environmental propriety of this quaint city with All Green Recycling.

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Tehama used to be a bustling community especially in the 1890s and was noted as the last town to go “dry” during the Prohibition. But the city should be known for more than just being a center for bootleggers and gamblers. So let’s work on making Tehama a model for proper disposal and recycling of electronic wastes.

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All Green Recycling is more than just a recycling facility though. We put premium in giving back to the community. We donate over $100,000 annually to non-profit organizations, which do charitable work. We choose local and regional organizations that we know will help a large part of the population. We also like mentoring individuals or organizations that are into recycling electronics. We teach them how to take apart electronics to separate the useful parts to those that could be thrown away. But you have to remember that it is illegal to throw away electronics in the landfill, hence, it is the goal of All Green Recycling to keep trash at a minimum.

We handle free e-waste recycling events every week. We tap schools, Churches, private and public organizations to aid them in properly recycling wastes especially electronic ones that contain toxic chemicals. Doing this on a weekly basis solidifies our commitment to the community to make the world a better place.

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If you are in these parts of California then you can easily access All Green Recycling’s electronics recycling services in Tehama:

  • Red Bluff
  • Dairyville

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