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Electronics Recycling in Tehachapi

Do you have obsolete, broken, or damaged electronic units like computers or phones? All Green Electronic Recycling has certified Tehachapi IT Asset Disposition that can help you with your needs.

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Electronics Recycling

E-waste recycling in Tehachapi is easy, hassle-free and convenient. We are known to many customers because we do our job efficiently and professionally.

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IT Asset Disposition

With us, you can get 70% of returns on your retiring IT asset. Our certified ITAD service guarantees you that we can protect your business brand from data breaches.

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Data Destruction

Do not compromise data security. You have the chance to protect your brand through hard drive degaussing, on-site/off-site hard drive shredding or media crushing. 

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Equipment Destruction

It is our commitment to help people with their e-junk not just within Tehachapi area but all over the country. Equipment Destruction is one of our reliable e-waste services.

Electronics Recycling Tehachapi Services By All Green

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Do you want to protect your business from the risks of data breaches? All Green provides an effective solution in this location- Electronics Recycling Tehachapi Services. Part of our e-waste solutions is a secure Data Destruction is designed to destroy sensitive or confidential information saved in the electronic media like SSD, DVDs, CDs, USBs, NAND media, hard disks, and tapes. The destruction has methods depending on what you like to choose based on the level of destruction you want to achieve.

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The methods to choose from are the following:

  • Hard drive shredding
  • Data Wiping
  • Hard drive degaussing
  • Tape destruction
  • Hard drive crushing
  • CD/DVD shredding
  • Other equipment destruction techniques

Tehachapi, California

This is located in Kern County in the Tehachapi Mountains between Bakersfield and Mojave. It is home to two local orchestras and a small theater group. The Tehachapi Depot Railroad Museum has antique railroad tools and signs that visitors and tourists can enjoy to see. There is also a Tehachapi Museum that can tell anybody the story of the city’s early settlers. The nearby location is the Errea House Museum which showcases early-1900s furnishings.

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IT Asset Disposition

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Another reason why an organization is hesitant to dispose of their e-waste is the data stored in their equipment. Laptops and desktops have necessary information or programs that need to be deleted before finally saying goodbye to them.

Nowadays, aside from computers, mobile phones and tablets even networking equipment like printers and servers including can store sensitive data might risk the whole company in one wrong move. Hence, you need a secure data destruction so as to lessen the exposure to breach.

All Green Recycling has certified sanitation service that safeguards the company’s important information. We will protect you from the unauthorized disclosure and will help you comply with the software licensing agreements, privacy laws, federal data security, and regulations for the safety of stored IT data.

Why Choose Us?

We are what you need. Electronic Recycling Tehachapi Services by All Green is the perfect solution to your data destruction. We have the methods that all data and information will not be recovered anymore. All processes are well-audited in order to ensure 100% protection of reputation and privacy.

Clients’ assets can also be tracked down in our system. We have an online portal that will give you an access to monitor or trace your assets’ status.

Moreover, we will also hand over to you the Certificates of Data Destruction. All Green has a liability insurance. This is to show to all our clients that we are serious about our job and we are committed to giving unequal service to all the people of Tehachapi.

We also offer a free pickup service to save you from all the hassles of moving your electronic equipment. Contact us today to get a free quote.

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