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10 Surprising Things Made From Plastic

Plastic is rapidly transforming our world allowing us to manufacture cheap, durable products at a scale never thought possible. Of the many products we use in our daily lives you’d..

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Recycling Tip: Plastic Bottle Caps

Photo Credit: Sessions.edu We all know that plastic bottles are bad for the environment, but if you do use them, you recycle them. Right? But what about the plastic bottle..

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Is Hawaii’s Plastic Bag Ban Effective?

Photo Credit: Treehugger Although there have been a number of city-level bans on plastic bags in the United States, Hawaii is the first state to pass a statewide law regarding..

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5 Tips for a Green Easter Basket

If you celebrate Easter and have some last-minute shopping to do, here are some tips for keeping your Easter basket eco-friendly! Make sure you choose your Easter chocolate wisely! For..

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World Water Day 2012

Credit: BrownSWCD.org Did you know that March 22 is World Water Day? If so, great! Now do you know what..

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Hawaii Proposes Plastic Bag Fee

Photo Credit: Treehugger If House Bill 2260 passes in Hawaii, the state would become the first one to charge for..

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What’s In Your Trash? (Infographic)

We generate a lot of trash. In 2010, Americans generated more than 250 tons of garbage. That’s a lot! Did you know that the cleaning services industry brings in more..

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Japan Recycles 77 Percent of Plastics

Photo Credit: Treehugger In 2010, Japan recycled 77 percent of its plastic waste, making it one of the top plastic recyclers in the world. This is an improvement over 2006..

California Law Requires Recycled Styrofoam

California Law Requires Recycled Content Packing Peanuts

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Styrofoam is bad, don’t use it. Not only does Styrofoam, a brand of polystyrene, sit in landfills indefinitely, but it is..

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Post-Holiday Recycling

Christmas may be over, but if you’re like me, the remnants of the holiday are still scattered around your house. What can you reuse and what can you recycle? Christmas..

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Disposable Coffee Cup Eliminates Plastic Lid

Credit: Compleat Whether your coffee cup is made from paper or Styrofoam, the lid is probably plastic. And we all know how bad plastic can be for the environment… A..

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Sunnyvale and Monterey Ban Plastic Bags

Photo Credit: Treehugger Sunnyvale and Monterey are joining 14 other jurisdictions in California to ban plastic shopping bags. Retailers and grocery stores will be banned from handing out plastic bags,..

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