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Electronic waste finds big life with popularity of Apple

This guest post is contributed by Lillian Swift. Credit: Apple While new technology reduces paper waste significantly, there is great concern over e-waste. For the uninitiated, e-waste refers to discarded..

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Why Haven’t You Gone Green Yet?

This is kind of an exciting day—not only is this our 200th blog post, but we also hit 2,000 Twitter followers today. Thank you to everyone who reads our blog,..

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What is Greenwashing?

Photo Credit: If you read eco-news or participate in green communities, you’ve probably heard of the term “greenwashing.” But do you know what it is? What is Greenwashing? Greenwashing..

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The Effects of Green Marketing in Mainstream America

Does green marketing encourage people to make eco-friendly choices? A recent study by OgilvyEarth says that it often has the opposite effect. The study called “Mainstream Green: Moving Sustainability from..

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