Subaru of America Certificate of Recycling

This certifies that the material received by All Green Electronics Recycling, Inc.™ has been handled in strict compliance with the guidelines set by the EPA,
Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) pursuant to Section 66273.83 of Title 22. All Green has also recycled these items in strict compliance with R2
Responsible Recycling.

An itemized inventory of devices and materials, provided by the customer, may be attached to this Certificate of Recycling. All material contained in the
attached inventory was evaluated and recycled or resold responsibly and appropriately, unless otherwise agreed to. All Green Electronics Recycling, Inc.™ is
not liable for any data in or on the electronic devices.

All Green Electronics Recycling, Inc.™ further acknowledges that all electronic data on functional
storage devices have been erased by means of a destructive multi-pass process so the data is not recoverable. Such erasure or destruction was performed in
a three-step, zero fill overwrite process as described in U.S. Department of Defense document DOC 5220.22-M.

All Green Electronics Recycling, Inc. ™ releases the customer from any and all liabilities related to or arising from the environmentally safe recycling of the
aforementioned items.

1,137,713 Pounds of Carbon Emissions