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Sponsor An EventSponsor An Event


Sponsor an Event With All Green Electronics Recycling

Sponsor An Event If you are involved with an organization that prides itself on noble causes, then let us coordinate a free event for your community. An event with All Green Electronics Recycling promotes a cleaner city while spreading awareness for an environmental cause. E-waste can be highly toxic to the environment and with cities banning the disposal of e-waste in landfills, there is no better way then discarding e-waste in a responsible way with All Green Electronics Recycling.


Events by All Green Electronics Recycling

Sponsor An EventEvents coordinated by All Green Electronics Recycling are a fun and exciting experience for everyone involved. During the fun and excitement, our event staff will be hard at work handling the streamlined process. Staff will be located in the surrounding area of the event, making sure people reach their destination. As individuals bring their old electronic devices, event staff will be prepared to collect, wrap, and process these items quickly and efficiently.

What You Can Do

Sponsor An EventContact us! All Green Electronics Recycling will take care of all the details. What’s left is for you to contact your community or members, and spread the word. Tell them to empty our their closets, storage spaces, and garages of all their old electronic devices and have them recycled responsibly with All Green Electronics Recycling.